1. How do I purchase a voucher?
To purchase any vouchers, you must register on our Adspay Half Off website with a valid email address and a username. Afterwards, you may select the voucher you want and add it to your cart. When finished, continue to cart to purchase your vouchers.

2. How do I redeem my vouchers?
Some vouchers require them to be picked up at our office, 155 Paseo del Sol, Lake Havasu City; others can be redeemed at the business by printing out the voucher or by showing it on your mobile device.

3. What if I purchased multiple vouchers?
If you purchased more than one deal, you may print the receipt twice or show your emailed receipt to the business via your mobile device.

4. How do I know when my voucher expires?
All or most vouchers expire six (6) months from the purchase date, unless you have a reloadable gift card. If voucher has an expiration date other than six (6) months it will be stated in small print along with the business information.

5. How often can I purchase a voucher for a business?
Registrants are allowed to purchase one (1) voucher, per offer, per month.

6. How do I know when vouchers are available for purchase?
Vouchers are uploaded to our site weekly and/or monthly. We CAN NOT determine exactly what vouchers we get and when. Please check our site daily and watch for the Deals of the Day every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

7. How do I receive the Deals of the Day?
Once you create an account with your valid email address, it will be automatically entered into our system. You will begin receiving the emails on the next deal. You can see previous deals by checking our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Google Plus).

8. What if I purchase a voucher on a Friday and need to collect it to use for the weekend?
You will need to come into our office by 4 p.m. on Fridays to pick up your voucher if you intend to use it for the weekend.

9. What if my voucher expires? Can I get a new one?
No. Unfortunately, if the voucher expires before use we CAN NOT replace it. Vouchers are typically good for six (6) months, unless otherwise stated on the voucher and/or receipt.

10. How many times can I win a voucher?
If you participate in our social media campaigns and are selected as a winner, you are not eligible to win again for thirty (30) days.

11. How can I contact AdsPay Half-Off for issues I may have?
Any questions or concerns can be emailed to halfoff@adspayusa.com and we will responded as soon as possible.